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WCM Render is a multi-threaded IBM Web Content Manager rendering application. It includes a Portlet Configuration interface allowing an Administrator to control every aspect of the rendering process - scheduling, disabling individual jobs, stop/pause/restart, remove "WCM Context" from all URLs.


Up to 20 threads can be triggered to index a website, providing exceptional rendering performance over the "out-of-the-box" WCM Cacher Module.

It is able to render embedded JSPs (Personalization is not supported) and supports paged results (each linked page will display a new set of results).

Feature IBM Cacher Module WCM Render
Support rendering of Secure IBM WCM Content Yes Yes
Supports rendering of Anonymous IBM WCM Content Yes Yes
Render Library / Site Yes Yes
Render individual pages Yes Yes
Scheduled tasks Yes Yes
CRON scheduling of jobs - Yes
Multithreaded (threads per job) 1 Up to 20
Supports Embedded JSPs - Yes
Supports Page Navigation and Paged Results - Yes
WCM Context replacement - removal of: /wps/wcm/connect - Yes
Render each job using stored Credential Vault information - Yes
Custom Workflows / Buttons to render instantly - Yes
Portlet configuration interface - Yes
Configuration changes without restarting Portal - Yes
Enable / Disable Scheduler without restarting Portal - Yes
Enable / Disable Individual jobs - Yes
Trigger a script/batch file to execute after job completes - Yes
Concurrent jobs - render multiple websites concurrently - Yes
Spider WCM Content - follow links - Yes
TextOnly rendering for Search Engine Integration - Yes
Dashboard - Last Run / Next Run / Duration / Gathered Links / Processed Links / Documents Written / Failed Documents - Yes
Performance 2,000-4,000 pph ~25,000+ pph *

* - Approximate performance (pages per hour) running on RHEL 7 connected to Oracle RAC v12.