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apexim™ Export is an exporter for Domino that can export an Aptrix or IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Manager (ILWWCM) database into an XML or RSS feed file, including customised fields.

It can also be used to export standard Domino (NSF) databases, with a small amount of bespoke programming.

apexim™ Export produces a Web Content Integrator (WCI) compatible RSS feed, that can be used to import the content, categories, site framework and images / files directly into Web Content Manager for Java.

In benchmark testing, approximately 3,000 content items can be exported in 10 minutes.

 apexim - Export process  RSS generation using apexim and import into IBM WCM

The exporter is stored within a Domino Database. With a small amount of configuration, the exporter connects to the target database and begins generating an RSS feed. It will export:

With a small amount of development, it could easily be modified to extract information from any Lotus Notes Database. Or any data source for that matter.

 apexim - Export process  RSS generation using apexim