Pete has begun developing a number of bespoke applications. The first of which is an export application for Lotus Notes / Domino.

The following versions of IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management for Domino / Java, are no longer supported by IBM - If you are still using any of the following products, you should migrate your content as a matter of priority in order to maintain your Support contract with IBM:

The following version of IBM Web Content Manager, is coming to an "End of Support" by IBM:

Pete has considerable experience in upgrading older versions of WCM to the latest version and has also developed an exporter to assist and reduce the effort involved in migrating, either from the Domino Edition or to an entirely new content management solution.

Content Migration

apexim logo

apexim™ Export is an exporter for Domino that can export an Aptrix or IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Manager (ILWWCM) database into an XML or RSS feed file, including customised fields.

WCM Render

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WCM Render is an alternative to the IBM Cacher Module.

IBM WCM Custom Rendering Plugins / Custom Authoring Buttons

Pete has developed a number of Custom Rendering Plugins and Custom Authoring Buttons. Rendering Plugins provide the Content Authors with the ability to "insert tags" directly from the Authoring Interface.

IBM WCM Administration Tools

Pete has developed a set of bespoke Administration tools. A sample of which includes:

These tools (and others) allow remote access for Support personnel without the need for additional software to be installed on their desktop / laptop. Server Administrators do not need to be involved and server credentials also do not need to be disclosed to unauthorised staff.