About Pete

Pete has been using HTML since 1991, while studying Computer Science & Computer Systems Engineering degrees at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia.

After moving to the United Kingdom (UK) in September 2000, and joining Presence Online Limited - the makers of Aptrix, he began his career as a technical web consultant. In April 2002, Pete left Presence Online and started his own consultancy company.

Client List

With 15 years independent Aptrix / IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) experience behind him, Pete has now consulted for many clients, including:

Recent Projects

Canon (USA)

Part of a Development team responsible for the back-end development for Canon USA rebranded website running on IBM WebSphere Portal / Web Content Manager v8.5. Pete was tasked with creating ribbons and widgets to enable the Content Authors / Page Designers, to drag and drop components onto each page. Also responsible for the integration of the Drivers and Downloads section for all Canon Products.
Canon (USA)

RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) - Australia

Responsible for the front-end development for Royal Auto's rebranded website running on IBM Web Content Manager v8.0. Pete was tasked with updating the existing development components for integration with the new 'look and feel' and functionality. He was also involved with the education of existing staff members in how the site is managed from the back-end.

RACV Club - Victoria, Australia

Pete was also tasked with the rebranding of RACV's Club micro-site - to create a fully responsive website (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile) with a new look and feel.

National Australia Bank - Australia

Responsible for the installation and configuration of IBM Web Content Manager v6.0. Pete was tasked with the creation of the Authoring Templates, Presentation Templates and configuration of the installed software. He was also involved with the education of existing staff members in IBM Web Content Manager and tasked with several proof-of-concept projects using the Personalisation component of IBM WebSphere Portal.

As part of the hand-over process, Pete also wrote a 150 page "Developer Guide for IBM WCM" to quick-enable new Developers joining the Web Team. It contained step-by-step instructions for creating a new IBM WCM instance (including integration with LDAP and Oracle), WCM familiarisation exercises detailing how to create a new website and finally details of the support / maintenance process - tailored to the NAB staff.

Royal New Zealand Police (RNZP)

Pete was first employed by RNZP in 2006, to upgrade their existing Domino Database templates from Aptrix to IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management software. The upgrade was crtical to ensure RNZP were fully supported by IBM, as the software was being used to host content for the "111 Emergency" Call Centres around the country. Several weeks of thorough testing were performed to ensure that any custom functionality continued to operate correctly after the upgrade was complete.

During 2011 and early 2012, Pete was once again employed by RNZP to migrate their existing content from IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management software to IBM Web Content Manager (Java Edition). He was assigned the role of Technical Officer, and was a key player in the project's success - launched in February 2012. He was responsible for generating the content migration feed file (RSS) in order to migrate the content using IBM's Web Content Integrator.

Pete also wrote a "WebSphere Portal / Web Content Manager Configuration Guide", detailing every configuration change made to the "out-of-the-box" installation for the RNZP environment. It also included Performance Tuning settings as well as maintenance and support procedures.

As a local resource within New Zealand, Pete also provides remote assistance as and when required.


Aside from IBM software, Pete also has significant experience and knowledge in many other web technologies.

Content Management Software

  • Aptrix
  • IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management (LWWCM) - Domino
  • IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) v2.x - v9.x
  • Joomla! Open Source
  • SilverStripe Open Source

Web / Application Servers

  • Lotus Domino Server (R5 / R6)
  • WebSphere Application Server (WAS) v5.x - v9.x
  • WebSphere Portal Server (WPS) v5.x - v9.x
  • IIS
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Caucho Resin
  • VMware Workstation

Web Languages and Technologies

  • LotusScript and Notes Formula Language
  • HTML 5 including hand-coding
  • XML / XSL / XHTML - up to XHTML 1.1
  • JavaScript - DHTML and cross-browser coding
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
  • ASP / VBScript
  • PHP
  • Java / JSP coding
  • CGI / Perl.